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 Water Filtration, Water Back-up, Consulting & Advise

Nimbus Water Technologies offer water treatment and water filtration solutions for influent source water & effluent wastewater, including borehole, river, dam or grey water treatment. See TECHNOLOGY section for a complete overview presentation of services offered by Nimbus Water Technologies South Africa, including all options to store water in JoJo tanks, municipal water back-up systems, rain water harvesting, or water back up systems, or how to use pool water for usage in the home, at times no municipal water supply, or water "cuts".

Commercial, or Industrial Water Filtration Plant Solutions

The design of a Commercial, or Industrial Water Treatment Plant will follow the process of a full spectrum water analysis, chemical and bacterial, to determine the treatment technology to be implemented, to remove the harmfull contaminants from the sourse water, be it infuent or effluent water. See Downloads for more detailed information or contact Nimbus Water South Africa for pre-project advise.A Nimbus Water Consulting fee is a small investment, to get the treatment process right, first time.

Commercial and Industrial Plant Design

Although more or less the same, no single water filtration or water treatment plant is the same as the previous design. Each plant is unique in that it has to deal with different contaminants in the raw source water than the other and the standards will differ. Be it a water bottling plant, source water, like river water for potable standards only, be it for commercial use, or discharge to authority requirements. Each plant will be different. Nimbus Water will assist with the water filtration project, small to large. How to correctly filter water, ask Nimbus Water.

Selecting a Water Treatment Plant Process

Critical to follow the correct procedure in selecting a process to treat borehole, well, river, dam, grey water, wastewater and effluent. Nimbus Water SA will assist with this selection process. Guided by 15 year plus experience, with International support, Nimbus Water SA has a large portfolio of special, specific and operational commercial & industrial water filtration & water treatment plant with in Southern Africa. How to treat water, talk to Nimbus Water. The advise is FREE.

The Water Filtration Process Selection is Critical

Nimbus Water SA will assist with the correct advise and procedure to make sure your investment in a water treatment, or water filtration system or plant, become an asset and not a liability. ONE filter type can not filter out, or remove all the problem contaminants, including bacteria, in source water. Hard water lime scale and heavy metals is treated through an ion-exchange process and bacteria, best treated through ultra violet or chemical dosing.

Mobile/Containerised Water Filtration & Treatment Plant

Skid mounted, easy to move, relocate, transport the water treatment plant to area required. Designed for "plug in and go". Easy DIY on site installation by owner in remote locations - ideal for mining drinking water stations, factories and any area or industry Reverse Osmosis Purified Water is required. From 100 to mega liters per hour systems available. Nimbus Water SA will design a water treatment and filtration plant to your requirements, including the JoJo water tank storage system, rain water harvesting, borehole or municipal water back up system..

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Rotten egg odour from water caused by dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas

hydrogen sulphide gas the result of sulphate reducing bacteria in mainly raw untreated borehole, river, or dam water.


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Nimbus Water offer water treatment solutions for in-fluent source water & effluent waste water, borehole water treatment, rain water harvesting, including municipal water back-up & Jo-Jo water storage systems & solutions. Nimbus Water offers a range of standard to specific designed point of use, or point of entry (whole home or building) inline water treatment systems.

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Andre Pretorius

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