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We offer water treatment solutions, Water treatment & filtration solutions and technology that comply with international standards.

We are WHO & SANS241 approved, user friendly, often chemical free where possible and environmentally responsible for industrial, commercial, agricultural, domestic and municipal water supply, including borehole water filtration, river, or dam water treatment applications in South Africa and Southern Africa.

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Nimbus Water offers water treatment solutions for in-fluent source water & effluent waste water, borehole water treatment, rain water harvesting, including municipal water back-up & Jo-Jo water storage systems & solutions. Nimbus Water offers a range of standard to specific designed point-of-use, or point-of-entry (whole home or building) inline water treatment systems.

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Typical Nimbus Water Technologies, South Africa, Water Purification Systems and water filtration & treatment technology for specialised applications in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial source water filtration and water treatment. Including borehole water, river or dam water.

Talk to Nimbus Water South Africa, regarding selecting the correct water treatment technology for your specific water treatment, or water purification application, be it influent, or effluent, grey water, wastewater, municipal water, river and dam water, or borehole water.

Water purification technology is on offer from Nimbus Water in South Africa, from basic filtration, treatment of hard water lime scale and dissolved iron, to advanced non chemical purification processes, including Ozone, Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology.

Nimbus Water Technologies offer water treatment and water filtration solutions for influent source water & effluent wastewater, including borehole, river, dam or grey water treatment.

See TECHNOLOGY section for a complete overview presentation of services offered by Nimbus Water Technologies South Africa, including all options to store water in JoJo tanks, municipal water back-up systems, rain water harvesting, or water back up systems, or how to use pool water for usage in the home, at times no municipal water supply, or water “cuts”.

What We Do

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Municipal Water Treatment

Domestic, commercial and industrial solutions


River,Dam & Natural Spring Water Treatment

Domestic, commercial and industrial solutions


Borehole Water Treatment

Domestic, commercial and industrial solutions


Soft Grey Water Treatment

Domestic, commercial and industrial solutions


Rainwater Harvesting & Storage Solutions

Rainwater harvesting solutions & using your pool as a back up water source


Water Dispensers

Various water dispensing system options available


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Our team has 18 years experience in the water treatment industry


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