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Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon and Mechanical Filter Treatment :

Activated carbon filters, also referred to as carbon or charcoal filters, with a high absorption ability, effectively treat general taste and odour problems, including chlorine residue. Nimbus Water offer a range of filtration options for sediment treatment, toxin or taste treatment via carbon filtration and to treat bacteria in water.

Activated Carbon Filter Technology

When water flows through carbon filters, contaminants absorb, or stick to the sufaces of the carbon particles. Activated carbon filters are reported to be the best method available for removing specific organic chemicals, including some pesticide residues.

Activated carbon or general purpose sediment filters do not remove Nitrate, bacteria or heavy metals. Concern about the growth of harmful bacterial matter in these filters has been raised in the past.

However, recent research by the US-EPA indicates that the types of bacteria found in water samples obtained after carbon treatment create no health hazard if the filter is properly maintained and changed when specified by the supplier.