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Water Chemistry Facts Sheet

Chemistry facts sheets for water treatment contaminants :

World Health Standards- WHO & SANS, plus NSF Standars for treatment of different source water, well water, river or dam water & borehole water contaminants.

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High Volume  Filtration

Water contaminant fact sheets - As per world health organisation

FOR EXAMPLE – Arsenic can be found in water in two different forms:

  1. Pentavalent Arsenic (also known as Arsenic 5, Arsenic V, or Arsenate)
  2. Trivalent Arsenic (also known as Arsenic 3, Arsenic III, or Arsenite)

It is important for consumers to determine which type of arsenic is present in their water prior to selecting a water treatment device.

Those individuals with pentavalent arsenic can select either reverse osmosis or distillation. Individuals with trivalent arsenic can select distillation, or consider adding chlorine to their water to convert the trivalent arsenic to pentavalent arsenic.

Please note Chemical Fact Sheets at down load section, or consult with Nimbus Water Technologies for the CORRECT technology, for the removal of a defined water contaminant in source water, river/dam or borehole water.