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Household & Domestic

About household & domestice water filtration solutions :

Keep in mind that no single water filtration or purification devise or, available system, treat all water problems and that all the water filtration devises, or systems available, have limitations. Nimbus Water offer complete solutions, not only a devise. Nimbus Water SA advise is FREE. Domestic filtration options include reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, ultra violet, activated carbon, hard water lime scale treatment, filtration of iron, or heavy metals in drinking water, inline filtration for all water going into the home, lodge or building, or a combination of water treatment stages to filter and purify the source water for drinking applications.

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Municipal or Council Water Back-up Solutions

Nimbus Water SA offer a complete range of solutions for municipal water supply problems. From mains water supply, the required to size JoJo tanks, water pressure pump, water filtration system and water back up to the home, building, commercial factories, B&B‘s, hotels, lodges and game farms. The situation of water storage, water filtration and municipal water back-up, is fast becoming a client, or user responsibility. One option to also consider in a water shortage crisis, is to use your pool water as back up water to the home, lodge, farm house, B&B and even schools. Nimbus Water SA advise is FREE. Talk to Nimbus Water – how to back-up municipal water for in-home usage?

Options for ULTRA FILTRATION Water Treatment

Nimbus Water range of Ultra Filtration, known as UF systems, available, where require a high purity of drinking water quality. Source, or raw water is filtered to 0.03 micron. Ultra filtration, as inline water treatment and filtration systems, fall in the range, close to reverse osmosis. Rated, the purity level at +-90%, leaving behind some in-organic minerals in the water. For users that require some minerals retained in the treated water, for their drinking water, ultra filtration is a approved NSF system. Ultra filtration is a membrane liquid separation technology that is positioned close to reverse osmosis and nano-filtration. While RO can remove the smallest of solute molecules, in the range of 0.0001 micron in diameter and smaller, nanofiltration (NF) removes molecules in the 0.001 micron range and Ultra Filtration, 0.03 micron. NF is a poly piperazine amide membrane and is essentially a lower-pressure version of reverse osmosis where the purity of product water is not as critical as pharmaceutical grade water, for example, or the level of dissolved solids to be removed is less than what is typically encountered in brackish water or seawater. As such, nanofiltration is especially suited to treatment of well water or water from many surface supplies. Nanofiltration is used where the high salt rejection of reverse osmosis is not necessary, and yet NF is still capable of removing hardness elements such as calcium or magnesium. Sometimes referred to as “membrane softening”, nanofiltration is an attractive alternative to lime softening or sodium chloride zeolite softening technologies. And since NF operates on lower pressure than does RO, energy costs are lower than for a comparable RO treatment system.

Let's get the water filtration options right first time!.

Before you attempt a quick and possible costly or ineffective remedy, take a first important step – have your water tested SANS241 & analysed by Nimbus Water SA. A SANS241 water analysis will help identify bacteria, minerals, or other pollutants, or contaminants that are present in your raw borehole, well or municipal supply water. Interpretation of the even basic test results will help you the client and Nimbus Water SA to determine whether the water needs to be treated and, if so, the type of treatment required. The intended use of the water, for drinking, laundry, or all household purposes, will also help determine the extent of treatment required. Do not assume that the installation of a water treatment or water filtration system, or devise similar to your heighbours will be the answer to improving your household water quality. Different water supply sources, amounts and types of household uses and many other variables affect the selection of the correct water treatment system. Nimbus Water SA advise is FREE. Talk to Nimbus Water – how to back-up municipal water for in-home usage?

Point of Entry or Point of Use, Under Counter water filtration?

A typical question when you consider domestic water treatment & filtration systems from available choices.. A option of POU – point of use water treatment, under counter systems, generally installed under counter in the kitchen area. Popular as a POU, is the 5 or 6 stage reverse osmosis water purification system, RO200 or RO50P/NP, to purify the water for drinking, food preparation, ice making, coffee/tea. Options for POE – point of entry systems, to inline filter and treat all the water going into the home, lodge, kitchen area, hostel, B&B. Water treatment include, sediment filtration, toxin, chlorine treatment through active carbon, and options of ultra violet or HTH chemical dosing to treat bacteria, including treatment of e-Coli & faecal coliform bacteria.

Pool Water as buffer/back-up water into the home.

The pool, or potable water can be pumped to the home, lodge, B&B, farm, or usage areas via the NIMP-01 system and your garden hose. The portable/mobile back-up process as follow; Easy to carry and connect pump & filter frame mounted. Position next to pool. Place flexi-hose in the pool. Prime the pump with pool water. Connect the garden hose [normal Gardenia fittings] to carbon filter outlet and connect to valve at the selected tap point. Connect power 220v and have water on demand in the home at same flow rate and pressure supplied, if not better, than local municipality/metro. Pump fitted with automatic flow & pressure control.