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Iron & Manganese


About iron (Fe) & manganese (Mn) – heavy mental removal:

There are a number of ways of removing iron and manganese from water supplies. The key to the removal process is oxidation of the iron and manganese ions, effectively converting them to rust particles and allowing them to be filtered out using a filtration process.

Uses are, an efficient and economical method of removing dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies, by combining a manganese greensand and multimedia sand filter with a chemical-free oxidation column. This allows Nimbus Water to treat large volumes of water far quicker than any competitive iron removal system, making Nimbus Water filtration equipment both smaller and more cost-effective. There are also no chemicals required for the operation of a approved iron removal filter system, further reducing costs and making the system suited for use in remote areas.

Larger models also have the ability to provide disinfection of the treated water with a limited residual effect.