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Water Filtration Help Guide

Nimbus Water Filtration Help Guide :

Nimbus Water SA offer water filtration and treatment solutions for borehole, river or dam water.

Options and water solutions for municipal water back up, water restriction back up solutions, or using your pool water as a back up water system, for the whole home, game lodge or B&B. Water support and water back up filtration systems available from Nimbus Water. Our Advise is FREE.

See “Downloads” for more information.

Selecting the right water filtration system guide

Selecting and Using Water Filtration and Treatment Systems Guide, Tips and Why. Many consumers have difficulty determining whether they actually need a water treatment system, or they are not sure what type of system would be best for them. The choice regarding whether or not to install and use a water treatment system is up to you. If you have identified a specific contaminant whose presence in your water is causing you concern, you can use the drinking water treatment unit guide in the download section, or scan through the domestic solutions area to locate products that have been certified to reduce that specific contaminant. Or talk to one of our Nimbus Water SA experienced Consultants, or go to DOWNLOADS to read more about water filtration options. Our Advise is FREE.

Water restrictions & filtration solutions

Nimbus Water Technologies SA offer a range of cost effective water storage, JoJo tank options, water back up options and including water filtration solutions to make better use of our scarce water resources. Be it borehole, river, dam, or light grey water treatment. Water treatment for whole home or building is designed for the application, taking into consideration the daily water usage, flow and water pressure required. See DOWN LOAD section below for technical leaflets and more information, or contact Nimbus Water for FREE advise.

High Volume  Filtration

Service and Repairs

Nimbus Water SA through our experienced technicians service and repair a range of domestic, commercial and industrial water filtration systems.Service and repairs, including the popular domestic, under the counter, five stage reverse osmosis water purification system, water coolers and dispensing systems. Nimbus Water SA stock a wide range of domestic and industrial Sediment, Carbon, AC Carbon, KDF, Resin filter elements and housings in 10″ and 20″ combinations for most makes of local and imported water treatment and water filtration systems.

Water testing equipment and water testing SANS241

A range of water testing equipment available from Nimbus Water in SA. Water sampling for full chemical and bacterial analysis done by SANS Approved & Registered Lab for results Nimbus Water SA can trust and work with, to offer treatment technology to remove, filter out, or ion-exchange, the problem contaminants. Often Nimbus Water will suggest a water test is done to SANS241 standard for drinking water, especially if it is borehole, well, river or dam water.