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Portable Water Treatment

Portable Water Treatment :

For the holiday, building sites, game farming lodges, on Safari‘s, “in the bush”, holiday cottage, where ever you need to treat raw water for safe drinking purposes.

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Portable RO200 Water Treatment System

On the move! Need to PURIFY water at source or remote areas where there is no safe drinking water? The Nimbus Portable Water Treatment system will purify ANY water to safe drinking WHO or SABS 241 class II standards. Power 220V operated or car battery.

Invertor for Mobile Water System

Invertor with your portable water treatment system means you can run your filtration system on normal 220V power, if available, or from any car, bakkie, LDV, SUV, or caravan battery.
Your water treatment system from Nimbus WaterTec is mobile – very mobile and on the move!