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Soft Grey Water

Soft Grey Water Tretment/Filtration :

Treatment of soft grey water, also referred to as Effluent, or Wastewater, is achieved through a process of disinfecting, flocculation, sand and carbon filtration and options of either ultra violet, or ozone as final treatment for irrigation etc.

Grey water treatment and filtration is designed by Nimbus water to meet your requirements and application.

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Designed Soft Grey Water Solution

Give Nimbus Water SA the grey, or waste water, or water effluent. Tell Nimbus Water what you want to do with the grey water!
Nimbus Water SA will design a wastewater, or grey water influent filtration and water treatment system and process to meet the objective. Nimbus Water SA will apply the latest and up to date water treatment technology available, considering the investment and annual operating cost. Nimbus Water SA offer solutions, we do not sell systems!

From Wastewater to Safe Drinking Water

With advanced media filtration, chemical dosing if required, ozone water treatment, ultra violet combinations, plus REVERSE OSMOSIS, or Nanofiltration membrane technology, Nimbus Water SA can filter and treat wastewater, or grey water, or dirty water into DRINKING WATER. Bacterial treatment and correcting the pH is critical. Nimbus Water offer a proven process to follow, critical is a water analysis, or water test by a laboratory to determine the contaminant values.

Grey Water Treatment & Filtration

Domestic or commercial wastewater, or Soft Grey Water, or Wastewater Influent, or Effluent, can be treated for re-use in applications for, domestic, commercial, industrial, farming and manufacturing, mining sector, at hotels and holiday resorts for irrigation, or non drinking water applications. Nimbus Water Technologies offer a cost effective treatment solution and filtration system for GREY WATER re-use. Wastewater or GREY WATER need not be wasted!

Car or Truck Wash Bay Water Recycle System

Wastewater, or water Influent, or Effluent, or Grey Water can be treated and filtered for re-use in Car or Commercial Truck wash bays! This “DIRTY” water is treated, filtered and cleaned for re-use, or can be used for other commercial, or non drinking water applications, including irrigation. SAVE WATER! SAVE WATER. Water is going to cost more than you think, if available – soon! Nimbus Water SA advise is FREE.