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 Water Filtration Solutions & Design Criteria

Typical Nimbus Water Technologies, South Africa, Water Purification Systems and water filtration & treatment technology for specialised applications in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial source water filtration and water treatment. Including borehole water, river or dam water.
Talk to Nimbus Water South Africa, regarding selecting the correct water treatment technology for your specific water treatment, or water purification application, be it influent, or effluent, grey water, wastewater, municipal water, river and dam water, or borehole water.
Water purification technology is on offer from Nimbus Water in South Africa, from basic filtration, treatment of hard water lime scale and dissolved iron, to advanced non chemical purification processes, including Ozone, Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology.

How to treat Borehole, River, Dam or Municipal Water?

There are several basic feed water tests that private, commercial or industrial borehole, or well water owners and water users may wish to consider having performed on their raw source water supplies to determine its quality. Nimbus Water SA offer a service and proven borehole water filtration process to make sure the water filtration and treatment system will work cost effectively. See Download for more information.

Borehole Water Treatment Plant - Large Volume Water Treatment

Complete Nimbus Water SA, borehole water treatment plant, from design, supply and installation and commissioning.
Option of chemical dosing via Sodium Hypochloride - HTH, or Ozone treatment, to disinfect the raw source borehole water and via SUDFLOC, to start the flocculation process, to filter out the sediment matter later in the process.
Nimbus Water SA offer advanced deep bed multi media filtration, via Silica Sand & Activated Carbon, to filter out water contaminants.
Offering safe to drink water, to potable water standards, of SANS241.

Borehole Water Treatment-Free Flow Filtration with Chlorine Dosing

The Nimbus Water SA designed TW3BB20-CTS water treatment system with advanced filtration passes to filter out sediment, remove toxins and improve the taste of the water, with chlorine dosing manifold pre carbon filtration to kill bacteria/disinfect the water, Ideal for any borehole, river, or dam water treatment.
Easy to install, operate and requires NO POWER.
See download section, or visit the Nimbus Water products catalogue, on home page, for more detail.

Bulk, High Volume Commercial Water Filtration Solutions

Supply & Installation of specialised bulk water treatment and filtration technology for specific applications – Treatment of HARD WATER CaC03 lime scale, removal of Iron and heavy metals, filtration & removal of Nitrates. Often the ion-exchange technology is applied as pre-filtration to the primary treatment technology of sediment, activated carbon, ultra violet or ozone. IMPORTANT – to select the correct water treatment & filtration technology for a filtration plant, a full spectrum bacterial & chemical water analysis is required to consider ALL of the contaminants for which a treatment plant must be designed.

Treating HARD Water LIME SCALE.

Hard water can be treated using a distillation or reverse osmosis process. These processes are generally not used for softening purposes because of their relatively high capital and running costs. The most commonly used equipment for the treatment of hard water is an ion exchange water softener.
A water softener reduces hardness in water by removing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, and replacing them with sodium ions, which do not lead to any form of scale build-up or precipitation.
A standard water softener consists of 2 vessels. The first vessel contains a sodium coated zeolite ion exchange resin. Water passes through the resin vessel under pressure, flowing over the softener resin, which attracts the calcium and magnesium ions to its surface, exchanging them for sodium ions.
Once the softener resin has reached the end of its service cycle and can hold no more calcium and magnesium, the water softener automatically starts a regeneration cycle, drawing a solution of brine from the second vessel, the brine tank, into the softener resin vessel. The brine solution washes the softener resin, causing the calcium and magnesium ions to be washed to drain, and the resin to be regenerated with sodium ions.
After a period of time (90-180 minutes, depending on the softener size and configuration), the resin vessel automatically rinses itself with clean water and switches back into service, ready to start softening water again. The system also automatically adds more water to the salt in the brine tank to produce more brine for the next regeneration cycle.
The majority of water softeners supplied are fully automatic. The only operator assistance required is the addition of salt to the softener‘s brine tank occasionally.

Borehole Water Treatment-Triple Filtration with Ultra Violet

For the normal, or average raw borehole water treatment, up to 2500lt/hr @ 4bar - the Nimbus Water SA, TW3BB20-UV, a Twin or Triple Filtration set with Ultra Violet - UV, ideal for 95% of domestic, or light commercial borehole water treatment applications.
For treatment of sediment & ground water toxins - chemicals and Ultra Violet for disinfection, killing all known bacteria.
Offering clean & safe drinking water to Potable Standards. Nimbus Water SA DO SUGGEST a water test be done on the raw water, to confirm the water contaminants present.

Borehole Water Treatment Options

Nimbus Water SA offer borehole, river, dam or well water treatment options and technical assistance, to have the raw borehole, river, dam or well water tested and to ensure the correct water treatment and filtration technology is used for application.
Typical TW3BB20-CTS for advanced filtration and HTH chemical dosing system to treat bacteria for safe drinking water from any raw water source also available from Nimbus Water SA..

Borehole Water Treatment

The correct and right treatment of well or borehole water will depend on the laboratory result, of your water quality analysis. Some water quality problems are better handled through point-of-entry water filtration applications, such as color and odor problems, or conditions such as water hardness, or lime scale. Other contaminants can be best handled and filtered through point-of-use water filtration devices.

Discuss your water reticulation and water filtration requirements with Nimbus Water South Africa, our advise is FREE.

JoJo Tanks & Rain Water Storage Solutions

Nimbus Water offer a complete range of JoJo and Urban Rain Water Systems & Tanks for water storage with pre, or post water filtration options.

See down load section for JoJo price list and water filtration solutions for purpose.

Rain water harvesting options available for different applications, be it for only rain water irrigation, commercial applications, or treatment and filtration of the rain water harvested for drinking water to SANS241 requirements for potable water.

Options on home page - see Product Catalogue.

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Water Softening means removing the HARDNESS salts of calcium & magnesium.

Replacing them with the salts of sodium which do not precipitate and form scale.


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Nimbus Water offer water treatment solutions for in-fluent source water & effluent waste water, borehole water treatment, rain water harvesting, including municipal water back-up & Jo-Jo water storage systems & solutions. Nimbus Water offers a range of standard to specific designed point of use, or point of entry (whole home or building) inline water treatment systems.

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