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 Water Filtration Solutions & Design Criteria

Typical Nimbus Water Technologies, South Africa, Water Purification Systems and water filtration & treatment technology for specialised applications in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial source water filtration and water treatment. Including borehole water, river or dam water.
Talk to Nimbus Water South Africa, regarding selecting the correct water treatment technology for your specific water treatment, or water purification application, be it influent, or effluent, grey water, wastewater, municipal water, river and dam water, or borehole water.
Water purification technology is on offer from Nimbus Water in South Africa, from basic filtration, treatment of hard water lime scale and dissolved iron, to advanced non chemical purification processes, including Ozone, Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology.

How & Why To Treat & Filter Water for Application

Much of the worlds water today is polluted. All the facts are well recorded and the treatment, or filtration of source water is no longer only a Government responsibility.
Nimbus Water offer water treatment and filtration technology to purify source water to safe potable Class I & II of SABS 241 requirements, for all purpose use in domestic, commercial and industrial application.
Do not ASSUME the water you use is safe for ALL type of applications. Nimbus Water advise is FREE.


Reverse Osmosis, or membrane separation technology, one of the most widely used technology for safe, great tasting drinking water in the world today . Remove the entire spectrum of drinking water contaminants through the process of Reverse Osmosis, or through NSF and WHO approved filtration technology. Ultra filtration or Nano-filtration also to be considered for brackish, salty taste water. Nimbus Water Sa offer filtration solutions and how to filter water cost effectively.

Reverse Osmosis Basics

  • The Reverse Osmosis process is the same process that many hospitals throughout the world use to make certain that their pharmaceutical water is of the highest quality
  • TDS is the measurement by weight of dissolved materials in a given volume of water. If a material will completely dissolve and is not visible in the water, it is part of the total dissolved solids.
  • Reverse Osmosis helps lower the TDS content of water (such as brackish water, or sea water) since substances such as calcium, magnesium and sodium can not readily pass through the seem-permeable membrane, while water can.
  • With the assistance of water pressure, impurities are removed and sent down the drain
  • A home R.O. system can substantially reduce dissolved metals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and manganese as well as brackish mineral salts, chlorides, chemicals, germs, radioactive rays, pesticides and other tastes
  • The pores in the membrane are about .0001 microns. To give you some perspective, the smallest bacteria is 0.02 micron
  • Water passes through the membrane while the dissolved and particulate materials are left behind. As pressure is applied to the concentrated solution, the flow is reversed and water is forced through the membrane from the concentrated side to the dilute side. The central part of the RO system is the module, which is a pressurized container housing the semi- permeable membrane. The product water may then pass into a diaphragm tank which holds the water until it is taken from the discharge faucet by the user
  • No electricity is needed. Its compactness allows the system to fit easily in a small area, often under the kitchen sink or in a cabinet.

Water Filtration Options

Nimbus Water SA, water filtration options include, Ultra Filtration, Nano-Filtration, Media Filtration , like Silica Sand to filter out dissolved & suspended solids in borehole, river and dam water, new generation AFM media for ultra fine sediment treatment, Activated Carbon to filter out toxins, chlorine and a range of water contaminants, Resin media for hard water, lime scale treatment and nitrates & Ultra Violet for bacteria.
See download section for more detail and filtration options.
IMPORTANT - no one filter, or single system can treat, or filter out ALL of the over 60 different contaminants, plus e-coli, faecal coliforms, bacteria to mention a few, found in untreated or "poorly treated" drinking water, be it municipal, borehole, well, river or dam water. Nimbus Water SA can assist with the correct filtration, de-ionising, or ion-exchange process.

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Reverse Osmosis, the most widely used technology for safe drinking water.

RO removes the entire spectrum of known contaminants, found in water.


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Nimbus Water offer water treatment solutions for in-fluent source water & effluent waste water, borehole water treatment, rain water harvesting, including municipal water back-up & Jo-Jo water storage systems & solutions. Nimbus Water offers a range of standard to specific designed point of use, or point of entry (whole home or building) inline water treatment systems.

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