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 Water Filtration Solutions & Design Criteria

Typical Nimbus Water Technologies, South Africa, Water Purification Systems and water filtration & treatment technology for specialised applications in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial source water filtration and water treatment. Including borehole water, river or dam water.
Talk to Nimbus Water South Africa, regarding selecting the correct water treatment technology for your specific water treatment, or water purification application, be it influent, or effluent, grey water, wastewater, municipal water, river and dam water, or borehole water.
Water purification technology is on offer from Nimbus Water in South Africa, from basic filtration, treatment of hard water lime scale and dissolved iron, to advanced non chemical purification processes, including Ozone, Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology.

Water Pressure Pumps - Water Booster Pumps

Nimbus Water South Africa offer a range of Domestic & Commercial WATER PRESSURE BOOSTER PUMPS with Hydro Kit, or Electronic Pump Control.
A complete range of pressure pumps available with or without water treatment systems.
See DOWNLOAD section for technical detail and products leaflet, including water pressure pumps price list specific.
Refer to the Nimbus Water South Africa product catalogue on home page, for water pressure pump options.

EBARA-CMA 100 Pump Set with Automatic Pump Control

EBARA Range of PRA, CMA & CDA Centrifugal Water Pressure Pumps with Automatic Pressure Control.
Volumetric water pumps, able to offer high pressure in relation to comparatively low power at steady operating curves.
Centrifugal single impeller low head water pumps for flow irrigation systems with high flow rates.
Ideal flow irrigation systems, bore hole water distribution for gardening, agriculture and in industrial fittings.

V1300 Cutter Pump

Range of "V" submersible water pumps, Nimbus Water SA type water effluent and sewerage submersible Cutter Pumps.
See down load section for technical leaflet with specifications. Nimbus Water SA, offer a range of EBARA Italian water booster and water pressure pumps and the new generation DAB, e.sybox electronic water pressure systems. Water pressure pumps are all sized for the required water filtration, or water treatment plant. Sizing of flow and pressure must be accounted for in a water filtration system or water treatment plant.

The DAB, e.sybox Electronic Water Pressure System & Pumps

The new generation, e.sybox – E.SYTWIN DAB Electronic controlled water booster & pressure system pre filtration & ultra violet treatment. The patented DAB evolution is the result of a system, the only of its kind, efficient, compact, easy to use and install. These features, the e.sybox is the most evolved ergonomic system in the field of water pressurisation for domestic and commercial applications. A water flow & pressure system that does it all – an integrated electronic system equipped with inverter technology, all enclosed inside a “case” with typical Italian design. The features and design of the e.sybox system make the installation easily adaptable for horizontal or vertical. Product for product, the e.sybox ensures a 30% space saving. SILENT operation – the noise level, as well as vibration are reduced to only 45 dB in standard use. Operating flow charts & all technical information available with system installation and on request. A MUST SEE THE ENERGY SAVING GRAPH

Nimbus Water Pressure Pump Range - Typical Twin Pump Set.

Automatic Water Pressure Up to 5 Bar, adjustable to obtain desired water pressure. Essential for Multi-storey homes, or commercial building water pressure and flow. Enjoy high water pressure & fast flow, cost effectively - Economical Compact Unit - Centrifugal Pump, Automatic Pressure Switch, Easy Installation, Replaces High Cost of Reservoir Stands. Reliable, Trouble-Free Working - Guaranteed. Talk to Nimbus Water SA regarding your water booster and water pressure pump requirements. Nimbus Water SA advise is FREE.

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pH-a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of water.

Below 7 on scale 1 to 14, is acid and above 7 is alkaline. 7 being neutral & ideal.


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Nimbus Water offer water treatment solutions for in-fluent source water & effluent waste water, borehole water treatment, rain water harvesting, including municipal water back-up & Jo-Jo water storage systems & solutions. Nimbus Water offers a range of standard to specific designed point of use, or point of entry (whole home or building) inline water treatment systems.

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