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UF – Ultrapure

UF-Ultrapure Filtration Solutions :

UF [Ultra Filtration] Technology in combination with KDF media filtration is an effective alternative to Reverse Osmosis, or UV treatment. Nimbus Water offer cost effective technology, but workable solutions to the treatment of source water. UF systems can treat from 380L/HR to 2500L/HR to offer safe drinking and commercial water on demand, inline.

Ultra Filtration or UF Water Treatment Solutions

Nimbus Water HW & HL Series UF Inline Filtration units for domestic and commercial water treatment. UF or, Ultra Filtration effectively remove the impurities such as bacteria, viruses, colloid and rust from raw source water to 0.01 micron.KDF Technology in combination with UF technology is an effective solution to treating raw source water to WHO standards.

For inline treatment of raw source water from 380L/HR to 5000L/HR to offer safe drinking water 24/7.

Ideal for larger water users such as Lodges, Game Parks, Canteens, Restaurants, Catering, Food Preparation Areas, Resorts, B&B‘s, Guest Homes, Mining Villages, Offices, Animal Water Feed, Equestrian, Clinics, remote Hospitals and the Larger Home.