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UV-C Ultra Violet 

UV-C Ultra Violet Treatment Technology :

Ultra Violet is still an EPA, NSF and WHO approved technology to treat domestic, commercial and industrial influent or effluent water for bacterial problems. Cost effective and safe method of disinfecting source water to kill bacterial contamination compared with chemical dosing. Read more from download section, or contact Nimbus Water for FREE advise on the solutions available for your application.

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Ultra Violet for Disinfecting Water & Pool Water Treatment

Ultraviolet UV systems free water of disease-causing microorganisms, without the use of chemicals. Ultraviolet light is a natural, cost effective, & environmentally friendly disinfection process for use in recreational facilities, homes, and other areas where safe, healthy water is a concern. UV destroys infectious microbes by directing light to their reproductive mechanism. Consequently, the risk of disease is eliminated. Ultraviolet (UV) treatment eliminates bacteria, viruses, spores and mould. It works in the same way as strong sunlight to permanently purify water by making biological impurities inactive. UV disinfection systems use powerful lamps to produce concentrated ultraviolet radiation which destroys micro-organisms.

Typical UV-C Ultra Violet System in Application

Ultra Violet UV-C treatment on the final filling feed line at a Water Bottling Plant to eliminate any risk of bacterial contaminantion of Reverse Osmosis Processed Water from RO water storage tanks. UV is used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications as a stand alone treatment unit or as part of a overall process. See download for detailed information.