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Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment – Influent or Effluent :

Wastewater has been defined as the water discharged from a community after it has been fouled by various uses and containing waste, i.e. liquid or solid matter. It may be a combination of the liquid or water-carried domestic, municipal and industrial wastes, together with such groundwater, surface water and storm water as may be present.

Facts about commercial used water or wastewater, be it influent, or effluent water, Nimbus Water SA offer a designed solution for your specific requirements. Critical is a water test and analysis to determine the contaminant values, to offer applied water filtration and water treatment technology to treat the used water, or waste water, to requirements and purpose.

High Volume  Filtration

Influent or Effluent Plant is Designed to Specification

Nimbus WaterTec offer a proven Project Process to follow with regard the treatment of Influent/Wastewater, or Effluent. No two water treatment applications are the same and requires experience to offer the correct treatment process and combination of treatment technology to achieve the agreed end result. NWT Water treatment plant are designed to your specifications, application, flow, in or out of process contaminants and many more. Fact and experience proven after many years in the business, it costs less to get it right the first time.

Designed to Specification - Effluent plant Filtration Vessels

Filtration Vessels at Engineering & Fabrication as part of a designed low volume daily/hourly Effluent Plant to include, Ozone treatment, Clarifier, Filter Press, Activated Carbon Filtration Vessels, Aerator, Vessels with Manifold, Centrifical Pumps, Dosing & Break Tanks, Sludge Pumps, Spraywater Manifold to mention a few of the components for the designed treatment system.

High Volume  Filtration

Wastewater Treatment plant for a Special Application

This WWTP – Nimbus Water SA, used water, or wastewater treatment plant, especially designed and manufactured for a specialised application. Taking into consideration the end result to be achieved in terms of the used water, or wastewater discharge regulations. See Download for overview of this WWTP – Waste & used water Treatment Plant – the treatment process and in concept the operation thereof. Nimbus Water SA offer advanced, but practical technology through a proven Project Procedure to treat influent, or effluent. Nimbus advise is FREE.

Truck or Car Wash Bay Effluent & Filtration Solutions

Filtered effluent, or wastewater for local South Africa truck, or car wash bays, is used to re-wash vechiles to reduce water consumption and make better use of the water supply from local Metro‘s. Truck, or car wash bay water re-use systems designed by Nimbus Water SA, to requirements and those companies involved have taken a step towards being responsible and making better use of wastewater.