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Water Coolers

Water Coolers & DF Water Dispensing Systems :

New generation Nimbus Water DF10 – 600A and DF10-600F stainless steel water fountains, KSW and JSF direct feed water coolers, no bottles of water required. Water coolers and dispensers available with water filtration, or reverse osmosis water purification. See download section for the latest Nimbus Water South Africa water cooler & stainless steel dispensing systems price list.

See “Downloads” for more information.

Water Coolers & DF10-600A, Direct Feed Water Fountains

Commercial Water Fountains & Direct Water Feed, DF10-600A and DF10-600F stainless steel water coolers and water dispensing systems available from Nimbus Water South Africa. See download section for the latest price list and range of Nimbus Water coolers and stainless steel water fountains.

Commercial Water Fountain-DF10-600F

New generation DIRECT WATER FEED, DF range, Nimbus Water, high flow, larger tank and chilling capacity stainless steel water fountains. Ideal for factories, hotels, catering kitchens, schools, gyms and mining industry. See download section for the technical information of the DF10-600F and Nimbus Water dispensing systems price list.